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Wuemsel's Fanfic Corner

Coming Home To Everyone


"So, did you water my plants?"


"Checked my mail?"


"Paid my bills?"

"Funny, Hutch. Really funny." Shooting his partner a glance, Starsky pulled the torino over when they'd arrived at Hutch's place and, looking after his partner already opening his door, grabbed one of the several bags Hutch had thrown into the car at the airport to carry it inside.

"How are your parents, anyway?" he asked once he stood behind Hutch, panting a little from the burden he carried.

"Fine," Hutch replied, "just fi..." But suddenly he froze in mid-step, staring at something.


"Yeah?" Starsky asked and turned from where he'd let Hutch's bag fall to the ground. "What?"

"What's that?"

Following his friend's outstretched finger, Starsky shrugged. "A plant. Hey, d'you mind helping me getting the rest of your stuff in here?"

"Don't you see there's something wrong with that plant?" Hutch asked instead of an answer.

Rolling his eyes, Starsky sighed. "What? Is it sad? Sick?"

"Dead. It's dead, Starsky."

"Oh?" Starsky made, narrowing his eyes as he approached the poor brownish thing. "How do you see that?"

"It's lost all its leaves and it's brown!"

"Oh. Hm. Now that you've mentioned it... Poor thing." Reaching out as if to stroke the plant, Starsky drew his hand back quickly as the last of the leaves crumbled under his touch.

"You killed my plant."

"Hey! You said it was dead before I touched it!"

"YOU said you watered them while I was away."

"And I did."

"So what happened to this one?"

"How the hell should I know?! Maybe it missed you and grieved itself to death. Will you help me get the rest of your stuff inside now or are you too busy mourning?"

"You didn't water it at all, did you?" Hutch asked, looking very seriously.

His eyes widening, Starsky took an assuring step towards his partner. "Hutch -- it's just a plant, okay?"

"Did you water it or not?"

"Gee, I don't know, okay?! I poured water on everything green in here except for what I found staring back at me when I looked into your fridge! Maybe I missed this particular plant."

"Missed it."

"Yeah, buddy, you know, I really don't want to hurt your feelings, but your little friends here all look alike. They're all green. And now would you please just throw this thing away and get your bags in here!"

With that, he turned, shaking his head in disbelief as he walked outside to his car.

Hutch followed him slowly, glancing back over his shoulder, though. "He just..." he tried to explain, but winked. "Just don't listen to him."


"Yeah, I'm coming!" And he hurried outside.