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Wuemsel's Fanfic Corner

Birthday Present


"Would you mind telling me where we're going now, please?"

Hutch couldn't help grin at his partner's child-like grumbling and shot him an innocent look. "You ll see."

Another overdramatic sigh answered that, and Hutch chuckled.

"I thought you like surprises," he teased.

"Yeah, but we've been driving around for almost an hour now! And I think we passed this street twice already!"

Looking back at the street again, the blonde tried to hide a smile. That was true, he was actually more or less cruising around. First it had been his tactics to leave his ever curious partner in the dark about where he'd take him, but after a short while he had simply started to enjoy driving around with Starsky by his side like they'd done it so often in the past that he'd been, well, carried away.

"Really?" he now asked innocently, glancing outside. "I can't remember."

Starsky shot him a quick look, catching the twinkle in the blue eyes. "Hm," he made and shifted his position slightly.

He'd been released from the hospital only two weeks ago, and sitting still for a long time still left him stiff and a little sore. Also he was still on pain medication, though took only half of what he should, thinking he could fool Hutch. It was a somewhat childish game, they played; Hutch pretending he didn't notice Starsky not taking his medication as long as he was sure his partner could deal with the pain better that way, and Starsky pretending he didn't know Hutch was pretending.

Seeing a small wince on his friend's face, Hutch instantly felt guilty, and cast him a worried look. "You're in pain? We're almost there, it's just another..."

Starsky smiled, waving. "Hey, take your time, blintz. Can't let you drive and expect you to find the way right off."

He felt a little disappointed at Hutch's quiet nod and cursed himself for not being able to hide even some simple stiffness from his ever caring partner. He'd sensed how much Hutch had enjoy their short ride, like he enjoyed everything "normal" they did these days.

It was the first time since Starsky had returned from the hospital that they were sitting in a car again, and it felt great.

But no, of course even that wouldn't make him forget what had happened to him and if for a minute. When would things turn to normal for real? Starsky wondered deserately, but was suddenly drawn from his thoughts, by Hutch's voice.

"We're there."

Startled, Starsky looked around. He'd been so lost in thoughts and memories, he hadn't even noticed they'd stopped.

"Uh... we're... where?" he asked, looking around without a clue to what Hutch was up to. It wasn't a street they saw often, since it was in the part of town that didn't require police attention that much. Only a few houses could be seen, a little hidden behind trees, small ones with only two floors and somewhat old, cute looking roofs.

Kids played in a dooryard farther down the street, but otherwise it was quiet except for the sounds of traffic in the distance.

Casting his partner a completely dumbfounded look, Starsky raised his hands as if to repeat his question.

Hutch grinned and took his arm. "Just follow me." He used the opportunity to quickly check his friend for any signs of pain again, but obviously the curiousity outweighted that.

"Hutch, what exactly are we doing here?" Starsky asked as he followed Hutch through a small path between the trees to the entry of the smalles house around. "You do realize I'm missing a Creature Feature right now, don't y..."

His voice trailed off when he watched with widening eyes as Hutch raised his well known warning finger to quiet his rambling friend, then reached out to produce a key from the top of the door-frame and, shooting Starsky a look that resembled that one of an overexcited kid on Christmas Eve, opened the door, holding it open for his friend.

Starsky's chin travelled south as his gaze wandered from the key in Hutch's hand to the door to the inside of the house and back.

"Y-you didn't..."

"Nope," Hutch replied, a chuckle in his voice. "We did. Welcome home, partner."

"H-home? You mean you..." Starsky stuttered and stepped inside. There weren't any furnitures in it yet, of course, but Hutch had placed the largest plant he'd found in his apartment and one of Starsky's model ships in the centre of the living-room.

"What d'you say? Like it?"

"Uhm... that... uh..." Starsky tried much to Hutch's amusement. "Can... can we really afford this? I mean..."

"Installments," Hutch replied contendly, his expression changing from the little kid on Christmas Eve to a little kid that had just outclevered his parents. "We're paying by installments. Like real adults," he added with an ironic smile.

"Yeah," Starsky nodded happyly. "I always wanted to have something to pay installments for, makes you so... grown up." He thought for a moment, before casting his partner a look. "And you're really sure about this?"

Instead of an answer, Hutch layed one arm around Starsky's shoulder, drawing him into a quick hug.

"Thanks," Starsky whispered, clearing his throat slightly as the emotions started to overwhelm him. As he glanced back at the two items on the floor, he suddenly noticed something else, frowing.

"What's..." he asked and stepped over to the centre of the room. In front of each of the two things stood a birthday card. It wasn't anything written on them, though.

Raising his brows at his partner questioningly, Starsky picked them both up.

Hutch shrugged. "Think of this as your birthday present."

"But it's not my..."

"Yes, it is," Hutch interrupted him quietly.

Their eyes met for a second, then Starsky nodded, smiling. "Right. And this one?" he asked, lifting the second card, then looked at it as if thinking and handed it over to Hutch.

"Right," the blonde said.

Again their eyes met, before Starsky looked away quickly, secretly wiping one eye. "Uh, Hutch?"

"Yeah, buddy?"

"That... thing won't stay inside, right?"

"Oh, I don't know. Actually I kinda like it there," Hutch replied innocently and laughed at Starsky's shocked glance. "But why don't we talk about the important things later, huh? You know there's a burrito stand right around the corner."

Starsky's eyes widened as a grin spread on his face. "Really?"

"Yeah, next to a soushi takeaway. Which was the reason I picked this house in the first place. I only found out about the other place later."

"Naturally," Starsky grinned as they left their house.




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