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Wuemsel's Fanfic Corner

Muse For a Day


Did you ever have a great idea for a "SH" story,but simply not the time to write it yourself? Or do you maybe have just one scene in your mind you´d LOVE to have in a story, but you´re lacking a plot? Well, here´s a cure to all your troubles, here´s an end to all distress... Just send me your ideas for a "SH" story or a scene, as detailed as possible, and be my muse for a day!!! Oh, I almost forgot! I´m sorry, but I don´t write slash. *wink* Wouldn´t be any good at it, anyway.

You can send your ideas to:


Idea #1 by Muse Cheryl:
I have had an idea in mind for some time now but never knew how to get someone to write it. I want it to be based on Starskys love of cars and driving, I thought it could involve a drag racing group who have already been involved in the death of a teen who was racing on a curvy road near Bay City. I thought it could show Hutches concern for Starsky getting hurt and maybe Starsky is undercover and about to race a car on the curvy road. Hutch realizes someone messed with Starsky's car but can't get to Starsky to warn him. Maybe Starsky is pissed at Hutch because it seems Hutch doesn't think Starsky is a good enough driver. I would like a small section with Capt. Dobey getting Starsky a fancy car and putting him out on the assignment but still being worried for the safety of his detective.
I don't really have an ending in mind, but please no death of our boys, maybe Starsky pulls it off and surprises everyone, maybe he wrecks and feels he disappointed everyone. Maybe when he gets back in the torino he is afraid to drive with Hutch and get him hurt. Anyway I think it is a story line that could have great possibilities, what do you think? Well I hope you can do something with it.

The response is

Drag Racing his Way back to the Top

Idea #2 by Muse Eli:
I´d like to read a first- meeting story . The first time in witch Starsky and Hutch meet each other. Maybe in the academy, or why not? A new vision  of their friendship´s beginning,  not in the academy but in their first case being partners...As a rookies or already detectives.

Idea #3 by Muse Sandra and Muse Any
Our idea was inspired by the ep "Death in a different place". We´d like to read a story about the guys having to investigate in the homosexual scene, undercover. Maybe they´re after some homo-phobic, psychotic killer or so. Anyway - don´t get us wrong - we don´t want slash, but just 'normal' undercover work, a few laughs - and lots of h/c! *smirk*

The response is:

And the Dead were on my Feet

Idea #4 by Muse jfg:
To "Eerie California": Perhaps the story needs a follow up, when they finally get to the beach, and it is Hutch's turn.  Spooky closed amusement parks with sinister carousels? (a Spelling-Goldberg trademark, apparently.) Mysterious goings on under the boardwalk?  Sand castle contest? Crab souffle?

Idea #5 by Muse Diana:
I always wanted to read something about Starsky hitting Hutch and then feeling sorry about it. Like in "The Committee", only that it wouldn´t be faked this time. Maybe you can do something with this tiny idea.

The response is:

Rage against the dying of the light

Idea #6 by Muse Jane:
How about something like Starsky reading in the papers about somebody finding gold in the mountains/hills (?) around Bay City and persuading Hutch that this would be a good "get rich quick" scheme for them to try on their upcoming vacation. Hutch reluctantly agrees - as at least he would get to go camping - and they go, finding what they think is gold, but of course things soon go wrong. A bad guy could steal it off them and they end up getting trapped and injured in a disused mine/well - not sure about how this would happen - then maybe they get it back in the end only to find out it was just "fools gold" and worth nothing.
 I think there is scope for quite a lot of humour and H/C (Hutch preferably, or both).

The response is: Drawback

Idea #7 is from Muses Saotome and Pitrowski:
We've had an idea, for some time, of a fic where Starsky takes Hutch to Disneyland (or a similar child-oriented theme park) to help him live part of his missing childhood. We figured Starsky had a well developed childhood --minus the loss of a father and being separated from his mother and brother--, one that he chose to live on into adulthood, but it wasn't fair for Hutch to go without one... So Starsky forced it upon him. We don't need a really deep plot, as much as we adore yours, but would be content with almost pure fluff that makes you so ridiculously happy that Starsky and Hutch found each other. It would just be a cute story and we hope you think the same. Thanks for considering it!

The response is: Time For a Little Something.

Idea #8 is from Muse MandyK:
Someone, or a consortium of someone's want to get back at the boys for getting a little too close to their illicit operations. Naturally, they want to try and split them up, discredit them, maybe even force them to quit. So, someone comes up with the bright idea of getting one of them (Starsky) to believe that the other one is out to get him.
I was thinking along the lines of kidnapping Hutch and getting his voice on tape, then luring Starsky somewhere where they tell him they've got Hutch, using Hutch's taped voice to con Starsky and then all sorts of mayhem and violence happening, all the while convincing Starsky that it's Hutch who's been brainwashed and is trying to hurt and kill him.....

Idea #9 is by Muse Brook: The guys are working undercover, but one of them is being made. Now, in an attempt to keep both of them save, one of them (preferably Hutch *grin*) has to continue playing along and is unable to keep the bad guys from hurting his partner, or is even forced to do so himself.

The response is IN TO DEEP

Idea #10 is from Muse Lisa:
I would love to read a story where Starsky is missing from an undercover operation. He will have vital information about an assassination of an important official.
When he is found he is suffering from amnesia. Both the cops and criminals need him for the information he holds in his head.