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Wuemsel's Fanfic Corner

Stakeout Drabbles


These are some Stakeout drabbles I wrote some time ago for the DrabbleWednesdays on the shfanfic group.

"Yuck! Starsk, youīre really gonna EAT this?!"
"You have to ask?"
"Aw cīmon! This stuff looks disgusting! Iīm not even sure itīs food."
"Well, itīs wrapped in paper."
"So what, everything wrapped in pa-"
"Whateverīs wrapped in paper in my pockets is something to eat,
okay?! `Sides, Iīm hungry!"
"Youīve done nothing but eat this whole stakeout long."
"`Kay, so Iīm also bored! We spent the entire day staring at those
youngsters! I bet theyīre already asleep! Iīm on the edge of walking
over there and buying the stuff myself just so you can arrest someone
and we can go!"
"At least thatīd be fun. But youīre exaggerating. Itīs only been a
few ... hours."
"A FEW hours?!"
"Anyway, just because youīre bored, doesnīt mean youīve to eat
everything you find in your car, you know."
"In my pockets! And what do you care, whoīre you, my mother? No one
asked you to look after my eating habits."
"Actually your mother did."
"Wha... Oh, thatīs so funny, Blintz. Really. Iīm laughing. On the in-"
"-side. I mean, sure, maybe the stuff doesnīt look that great-"
"-and it smells kinda strange too-"
"Theyīre here."
"The guys, dummy!"

"Hutch, what is this?"
"Youīll like it. Try it."
"I didnīt ask you if Iīll like it, I asked you what it is."
"Just try it."
"If I tell you what it is, you wonīt eat it. Now shut up and swallow
your lunch!"
"Why did you get to choose the place, anyway? Weīre already using
your pathetic excuse for a car!"
"Itīs not my fault it was my turn."
"There should be a law against anyone having to eat smelly stuff like
this in a thing like this!"
"Wow, thatīs exactly the same thing I thought yesterday."

"Pick a card."
"Oh please, someone just hit me unconscious?"
"Cīmon, itīll be fun! Pick a card."
"Iīll keep on whining til you picked-"
"Okay! Here! I picked ... Starsk, thatīs a monopoly card."
"Yeah. What does it say?"
"Shouldnīt you be the one telling me?"
"With monopoly cards?! Sometimes youīre weird, Hutch."
*sigh* "It says I won 5000."
"Yes! That means I get to chose the place for lunch."
"Itīs the rules."
"What rules?"
"Of this game."
"WHAT game?!"
"The one I invented."
"Station? This is Zebra 3, I want a new partner."
"Youīre such a bad loser!"

"Hey, play somethinī?"
"Starsk, you parked the car three minutes ago. Itīs impossible to get
bored within three minutes."
*sigh* "I forgot who I was talking to."
"Right. Letīs play chain of associations."
"Canīt I just guess cards again?"
"Nope, theyīre in your car. Cīmon, itīll be fun. Iīll start. - Food."
"Just try it!"
"I am. Thatīs my association with food."
"Oh. Very funny."
*sigh* "Hutch-"
"No, you canīt say the same thing twice.
"Maybe this wasnīt such a good idea ..."
"Hey, Iīm starting to like it. Your turn."
"Hutch, yeah? - Irritating."
"Okay, Hutch, pick a number."
*sigh* "Got one."
"What - no whining beforehand?"
"Would whining keep you from driving me nuts?"
"So please just guess the damn number."
"Any number, right?"
"Uh ... Iīm guessing ... 12650."
"Wow. Thatīs it."
"Youīre humorinī me, arenīt you?"
"Who, me?"
"Cīmon, Hutch, Iīm trying to learn something here! You could at least
help me!"
"I am. You got the right number. Congrats. Now concentrate on that
warehouse again."
"Pick another one."
*sigh* "Got one."
"Wow, right again, buddy."
"I canīt help it! Youīre a genius!"
"Oh? Pick another one."

"This reminds me of a movie Iīve seen."
"Yes, Iīm here. PLEASE tell me about that movie."
"There were those two guys watching this old warehouse, and it was
really boring, like-"
"Starsky, that wasnīt a film, that was our yesterday! And the day
before that and the day before and-"
"Yeah, itīs getting pretty boring, huh?"
"Wanna play someth-"
"I just asked."
"Weīve done nothing but playing stupid games for SIX DAYS now! Iīm sick of playing games! Iīm sick of watching this damn house! Iīm-"
"Youīre not going into hysterics, are you?"
*deeeeep breath* "Nooo, but-"
"Hey, Hutch, isnīt that the flake weīve been waiting for?"
"Yes! Finally!"
--- ("Zebra 3, please respon-")
"Zebra 3 is BUSY!"
"Hutch. Maybe itīs important."
"And if itīs the four horsemen riding into town - donīt you dare
drive away! Iīm gonna arrest that guy TODAY! `Cause if I have to
spend just ONE more day with you guessing numbers, cards, animals,
ANYTHING, I swear Iīm gonna strangle you myself!"
--- ("Zebra 3, please respond.")
"Uh ... St-station? Hello? This is zebra 3. We canīt hear you. Hello?"
"Good boy, Starsky. Now letīs go and get it over with."
"Anything you say, boss."