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Wuemsel's Fanfic Corner

Coming Home After the Plaque


Written for DrabbleWednesday on the shfanfic group, some time ago.

Hutch sighed happyly when Starsky held the door open for him.
"Aaah, feels good to be home."
"You tellinī me," Starsky stated, as he followed his still exhausted
looking friend inside. "One more day of this hospital food..."
Shooting his friend a glance, Hutch grinned, and, catching it,
Starsky shrugged. "Hey, I couldnīt let my buddy eat that stuff, right?"
"Yeah, right," Hutch nodded amusedly. He approached the couch,
stopping when he noticed a neatly folded blanket and a pillow on it.
His gaze wandering up to meet his partnerīs again, he raised his
brows questioningly.
"Oh. Ahm ..." Starsky stuttered, turning to head towards the
kitchen. "Your place is nearer to the hospital, ya know?"
"Hm-hm. Sure," Hutch smiled and sat down, leaning back and closing
his eyes. "Sure it is."
It didnīt take him a second to fall asleep, his head lolling to one
side, his body curling up unconsciously on the couch.
When Starsky turned again, a warm smile spread on his face at the
sight of his peacefully sleeping friend. Carefully, he picked up the
blanket to cover Hutch with it.
"Welcome home, buddy."