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Wuemsel's Fanfic Corner

Nancy Drabbles


MEETING NANCY (set shortly before "Gillian")
"Starsky! Don´t draw your gun on her!" Chuckling, Hutch leant back
against the stuck Torino, watching his partner storming
over to the owner of the reason for his car´s condition.
"Hey!" the detective yelled at the young woman. "You! That your car?"
"Hi," she greeted him sweetly. "Yes. Why?"
"Wh... Well in case you haven´t noticed you´ve parked IN FRONT of
another car! Which happens to be mine!"
Confused, she looked over his shoulder at the car and Hutch, who
winked at her.
"That car´s yours?"
"Oh. I thought it was just standing there. I didn´t think someone
would actually drive it."
While aware of Hutch´s loud laughing, Starsky wondered if she was for real.
"I mean," she continued, "it looks like a striped tomato or somethin´."
A low thud could be heard when Hutch, doubling over with laughter,
fell from where he´d been sitting on the car.
"Listen Miss, I´m a cop, `kay? So you´re standing in the way of a police car!"
"You´re a cop?!"
"Oh what?"
"You don´t look like one."
"Uh ..."
"You know, I´d love to stay and chat, but I´ve to go now. Bye."
"Yeah, `kay. B... HEY! What `bout my car?!"
"Hey Starsk, want to come over to my place after we´re finished here? Couple of beers, monopoly, what d´you say?"
"Sounds great, but I already have other plans."
"Do I know her?"
"Oh? Who is it?"
"Nancy who?"
"Nancy Parking Queen."
"THAT girl?!"
"Well ... uh ... yeah."
"You´re dating THAT girl?!"
"You make it sound like I´m committing a crime or something. She´s really nice."
"Sure she is, but, I mean, she INSULTED the Torino. Last time I checked that WAS a crime."
"She insulted it in a nice, affectionate way."
"I´ve insulted the car with exactly the same words for years now, and you never asked me out."
"I feared you would reject me, babe."
"Aw! I´d never."
"Ha, ha. Besides, I didn´t do the asking-out-part."
"SHE asked YOU?!"
"Ya know, you really should consider your tone of voice today..."
" `Sjust - why would she ask YOU out?!"
"Hey! I happen to be cute!"
"Sure y´are, honey, but you yelled at her."
"In a cute, affecti-"
"Okay, okay, I get the picture. So where´re you going?"
"The toy fair! Isn´t that cool?! Her idea!"
"Toys. Wow, if she´s not the perfect girl for you..."
"I know!" *grin*