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Wuemsel's Fanfic Corner

Murder Ward Drabbles



"Okay, your roles are as follows: doctor, patient. Any questions?"
"Yeah, I´ve got one, Cap."
*sigh* "Of course. What?"
"Why does Hutch get to be doctor?"
"Because white suits him better than you."
"Besides, you´ll have less trouble making friends with the natives than me, Starsk."
"Hardy ha ha. I say we throw a coin."
"C´mon Starsk, you´re just grumpy about the whole thing. If I was to
be patient you´d be complaining about me having all the fun."
"I´m going to a cookie jar, Blintz! How much fun can that possibly be?!"
"Drugs for free?"
"That´s not funny!"
"Aw, you know I´d never let anything happen to you, Gordo."
"And if they shock me while you´re not looking?"
"Then there´ll be at least some good coming out of-"
"That´s not funny, Cap!"
"Starsky, stop whining! You´re the patient and that´s that. No one´d believe you´re a doctor."
"Hey! I coulda been one if-"
"If you sat in front in school, I know, buddy."
"Exactly. But no, `COURSE I had to sit in the back, and of course I´m not a doctor, but a patient today!"
"Hm. Coming to think about it, I sat in front, you know?"
"Oh great, I´m being treated by the nerd."
"Will you two get to work now, please?!"
"Sure Cap. C´mon buddy. If you behave yourself, maybe I won´t have to put you in restrains."
"Hey! That´s-"
"-not funny, I know."
"And stop grinning like that! I think you´re enjoying this already!"
"Who, me?"

"Hey," Hutch whispered and carefully closed the door behind him to
avoid anyone overhearing the conversation. "How did the race go?"
"Lost," Starsky replied from where he lay curled up on his bed, his eyes already half-closed.
Frowning at his friend´s slurred voice, Hutch stepped nearer. "Buddy, you okay?"
"Yeah, `mfine. Tired."
As realization dawned, Hutch sighed in frustration. "Did they sedate you again?"
Nodding in slow-motion, Starsky mumbled: "I really kinda start to hate..."
He couldn´t even finish his sentence, before artifical sleep claimed him, and his features went slack.
Taking off the glasses to rub his eyes, Hutch gently drew the blanket that covered his friend up to his nose,
letting a concerned look rest on him for a moment.
"Me too, buddy," he finally whispered and softly stroke through his partner´s unruly curls before turning to go.