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Wuemsel's Fanfic Corner

Beautiful Thoughts


"Hey, you asleep?" Hutch asked softly, reaching out to
stroke his curled up partnerīs hair.
"No," came the mumbled reply. "Donīt wanna sleep."
"Iīll be here if you have a dream-"
"I donīt want to sleep."
"Buddy, youīre exhausted. You need to rest."
"I need her."
Hutch sighed, sitting down on the cauch next to
Starsky. "I know you do."
"Itīs been over a week now," Starsky said through a
sob, "and it still hurts so much."
"Shhh, I know, babe," Hutch soothed. "I know."
"And I ... I want to think about her, but ... it just
hurts too much."
Not knowing what else to do, Hutch wrapped his suffering friend in a comforting hug. "Come here. Shh,
itīs okay. Iīm here."
"I donīt want to be afraid of thinking of her, Hutch. She doesnīt deserve that."
"Itīll get better, buddy," Hutch whispered assuringly. "I promise. Itīll get better."