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Wuemsel's Fanfic Corner

Camping Drabbles



"Did I mention Iīm NOT having fun, yet?!"
"No. You did mention, though, that you think this is about the
dumbest idea Iīve ever had, and that you will throw every snake that
happens to crawl into your sleeping bag into my face."
"Oh. Good. - Iīm NOT having fun yet."
"Buddy, you gonna love this, trust me. Fresh air, water, trees! No
noises, no smog, no-"
"-electricity? No tv? No zivilisation?!"
"My point exactly. - Dīyou hear that?"
"What, are we attacked by something already?"
"No, dummy, the quiet around you. Listen."
"All I hear is that funny noise your car always makes when Iīm sitting in it."
"Thatīs the engine."
"Thatīs the engine choking out its last breath."
"Anyone ever told you youīre really the person one wants to have for company on a vacation?"
"Yeah, and she was definately a better driver than y... Hutch! - Why dīyou stop like tha...? - Oh. `Triffic. I knew it. Wherever you drag me to, I can be sure thereīs a bear already waiting for us."
"Uh ... whatīre we gonna do now?"
"Hm. Turn around?"
"Oh no. Iīm not goning to let a BEAR ruin my vacation! Hold on to something."
"Uh ... Hut... Hutch!"

"Hutch, you asleep?"
"Hmmmm ...?"
"You asleep?"
"Not anymore! Whatīs the matter?!"
"I canīt sleep."
"You wake me up to tell me you canīt sleep?!"
"Oh, did I wake you up? Iīm sorry, I thought you were just dozing."
"Starsk, itīs ... five in the morning. No oneīs DOZING at that time! Why arenīt you asleep?"
"I canīt. I keep hearing noises."
"Then shut up, and they will stop."
"No, really. I think I heard a bear."
"There are no bears in this area of the park, Gordo. Now go back to sleep."
"But I heard something growling."
"Probably lack of sleep. Youīre hallucinating. Go back to sleep."
"Gna, gna, gna, go back to sleep, gna, gna, gna ... never wanted to come here in the first place ... sleeping on the ground ... bears in the morning ... no tv-"
"Starsky, shut up!"
"Whatever you hear, itīs probably just something snoring, so go back
to sleep. And if itīs a bear, count it."
"Ooookay, thatīs it."
"Hey, where are you going? Starsky?"
"Iīm outta here."
"Cīmon, itīs probably just-"
"Iīll go sleep in the car."
"Hmpf. Chicken."
*louder growl*
"Uh ... hey, wait... I think I have the keys, Starsk."