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Wuemsel's Fanfic Corner

Traffic Jam Drabbles



"I hate this car!"
"Hey, no need to get personal. Itīs just too hot again. No big deal. Now come here and help pushing."
"What dīyou mean uh-uh?!"
"I mean uh-uh. Iīm not touching this ... You know, when you canīt drive it anymore, it isnīt even a real car! Then itīs JUST ugly!"
"Will you cut out this crap and help me, please, before the crowd behind us starts throwing things?!"
"Nope. Your tomato. You push."
"Cīmon, Hutch-"
"`Sides, I think itīs only faking. Lazy piece of-"
"Donīt say it! And come back here! Hutch!"
*door bangs shut*

"Iīm so glad we took your car, Hutch."
"Oh shut up."
"No really. What with this heat ... People would skin us alive if we broke down with the Torino again in the middle of the stree-"
"Will you shut up?! And donīt touch the window!"
"Why, will it cumble beneath my fingers?"
"No, but you might accidentally open it, and I donīt want the crowd rushing inside!"
"Theyīre really mad, huh?"
"Oh really?! How dīyou figure that?! Just because theyīre throwing stones at the us?!"
"Donīt snap at me, Blintz! Itīs YOUR car!"
"I wonder whatīs taking the breakdown service so long."
"Maybe theyīre afraid. - You know, maybe if you went out and explained, theyīd help."
"Or at least they would work out their anger just on you."
"Love you too, buddy."
--- ("Zebra 3, Zebra 3, come in please.")
"Zebra 3.- What d you want?!"
"Hey, cīmon, give me that. Itīs not her fault youīre driving garbage on wheels. - What is it, sweetheart?"
--- ("Hi Starsky.")
"Oh my ... Will you just ask her what-"
--- ("We have a probable violent crowd on Hyde Street. A bypasser called in to report a planned assault on a brownish-green LT-")
"Thatīs US, station!"
--- ("Oh ... Guess youīre responding then." *giggle*)
"Yes, we ARE! - Starsk, will you stop laughing?! Weīre in danger!"
"Headline news, Blintz. Weīre sitting in your car!"
"So whatīre we gonna do?"
"Donīt know `bout you, but Iīm getting out. Maybe they need some help there with the... assault."
"Wha... Hey, wait! Starsk! Starsky!!!"