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Wuemsel's Fanfic Corner

Starsky and Hutch OldGuys Stories


It all started with "Screen-Wise" and "Afternoon" (which kinda belong together, I guess) and from there it just went on and on. All of those are written for my friend Tamminy. (Thanks for the laughter and fun and all that stuff, buddy! :D)

So basically, these are stories about our boys not being boys anymore. (The setting's probably around, well, today. Roundabout.) There are three semi-present OC-kids (one Hutchinson daughter and a pair of Starsky-twins) but no wives (I don't like wives. ;)).


The guys talk after they watched THE movie.


An afternoon of couch-potatoing and planning the new business...

Birthday Day

OldStarsky's birthday. The twins show up. (Later on, a secret is revealed to one of them.)

Watch the Street

You're never too old to be told to watch the street.

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