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2003 - 1st Comfort Writer & New Fanfic Writer 
 2004 - 2nd Author Partnership w/Jenna, 3rd Author Partnership w/Torinogirl67, 1st Angst Writer, Humor Writer, Second Language Writer, Overall Writer, 2nd Hurt/Comfort Writer, 3rd Tearjerker Writer & Drama Writer

2005 - 1st Second Language Author, 2nd Tearjerker Writer, 3rd Humor, Action/Adventure and Writing Partnership with Jenna
2006 - 1st Second Language Writer, 3rd Humor Writer

2007 - 1st Tearjerker& Second Language Writer
2008 - 3rd Overall Writer

Follow the black rabbit

Don't drink on top of anti-depressants. It might turn you into someone... scary.

Muffleby&Keek meet Hutch&Starsky

A Christmas Story featuring my two OE (Original Elves) Muffleby and Keek. Find out why Starsky loves Christmas the way he does and why Hutch doesn't.

Watching Paint Dry

What the title says: the boys watch paint dry.

Beautiful Souls

An undercover assignment at an escort service... Sounds like we know the perfect guys for this one, doesn't it? ;)

(1st Second Language Story &
3rd novel - 2008)


Satan´s Teddy

An alternate ending to the episode "Satan's Witches"


The Flies

A murder among some kids who took "Lord of the Flies" too seriously leads to another camping trip for Starsky and Hutch.


Traffic Jam

The title says it all.


The Greatest

Did you too go to school with someone, who even back then thought he was the greatest? Well, Starsky certainly did.


'Nother Hen

A Missing Scene from 'Fatal Charm'.


Risks Worth Taking

This story was inspired by the ep 'Gillian'. Is there anything Starsky wouldn't do for his partner? My answer is... no.


Coming Home To Everyone

Inspired by the scene from 'Fatal Charm' where Hutch finds his apartment devastated, and the first thing he does is to tenderly put all those tiny plants of his back where they belong.


The Green Monster

Just a short snippet about... well, a green monster.



After 'A Coffin For Starsky', Starsky moves to a new place.


Ordinary Things

Hutch returns after a vacation and finds out that his partner has been tortured in his home while he was gone. Can he help Starsky overcome the fear? And who was behind all that?

(3rd Starsky Comfort Story - 2003, 1st Long Story 2007)


Birthday Present

Post-'Sweet Revenge' snippet.


The Great Pretender

Post-'The Fix'. Hutch pretends to be okay, but he has to face the truth some day.


Fading Into Technicolor

While on an undercover assignment in Canada, Hutch gets kidnapped by a teenager. What he doesn't know is that back home everybody -- including Starsky -- believes he's dead.


A Doris Day

A 'testosterony evening' is what the boys need after having been dumped by their girls. But just how manly can a neat freak and a healthnut cook be?

(3rd Ordinary Day Story - 2004)


Eerie, California

Just a camping trip-adventure fluff. Meet the squirrel and learn about The Look.



Unbearable Loss


(Co-written with JENNA)


A tragedy from Starsky´s childhood repeats itself and it´s up to Hutch to keep his partner from destroying himself and their friendship in the aftermath.

Warning: Contains strong language, the death of a half-canon character and extreme mushiness.




Drag Racing his Way back to the Top


This is the response to Muse Cheryl´s wish (see

Muse For a Day). An undercover assignment allows Starsky to explore a not so hidden talent---much to Hutch´s concern.


(3rd Action/Adventure Story - 2003)






An undercover assignment has terrible consequences for Starsky. Meanwhile, Hutch must deal with his own fears.

(2nd Drama Story - 2003

1st. Second Language Story, Horror Story,  Starsky Hurt/Comfort Story, Hutch Angst Story / 2nd Tearjerker Story, Extreme Story, Starsky Angst Story / 3rd Canon Good Guy Portrayal Hutch - 2004

1st Second Language Story, Horror Story / 3rd Extreme Story, Novel - 2006)



After a short visit from his father, Hutch shares a memory with Starsky.


(1st Short Story 2008)


And the Dead were on my Feet


An assignment that starts with a lot of bantering,

teasing and jokes leads to a horrifying glimpse down 

an abyss of fear, hate and insanity for

Starsky and Hutch.

This is the response to Muses 

Any&Sandra´s wish (see Muse For a Day )


(3rd Extreme Story - 2004)

 Why would Santa want to live at the

North Pole, anyway?




Of Trees and Ghosts


A sequel to "D´you believe...".

Hutch is visited by three ghosts

on Christmas Day.



(Charity auction Story. Co-Written with ELISA VALERO)

After their last bust, the doors of hell go wide open for Starsky and Hutch.


(Co-Written by JENNA)







Rage against the dying of the light


This is the response to Muse Diana´s wish

(see Muse For a Day).

About to lose someone beloved a second time, Starsky doesn't stop to look and see and that sometimes those, who are closest to us, have to pay for our mistakes.

(Co-written by Torinogirl67.)
On the trail of a seemingly lunatic killer,
Starsky gets much closer to our eight-legged,
hairy friends than he would have liked...
(3rd. Original Villain: Agent A.J. Locklyn - 2004)


The guys talk after they´ve seen THE movie.

(3rd. Reunion/Current Day Story - 2004)

View from the Corner

(Co-written by Jenna.)
Is insanity contagious? Can humans turn into things? Starsky lives through an ordeal that
has him wondering.

(2nd. Second Language Story - 2004)

The World According to Hal

A computer-snippet. Starsky vs.technology.

(3rd.Humor Story - 2004)

Gotta Have Wings

A missing scene from "Starsky´s Lady".
Just what can you say?
(2nd Snippet - 2006)


(Co-Written by Jenna.)

Set after "The Fix".  After he´s sent Hutch to visit his parents, Starsky finds out something horrible

about his partner´s past.

Warning: Contains mention of violence against children. If this topic upsets you, please don't read.



(1st. Original Villain : Gregory Hutchinson, Series - 2004) 

The Lie of Eden

(Co-Written by Jenna.)
A Sequel  to "The Invention of Hell".
While they work on a particularly disturbing case,
more of Hutch´s childhood trauma is revealed.
Warning: Contains mention of violence against children and suicide of a minor. If those topics upset you, please don't read the story.

(1st Series, Original Villan: Gregory Hutchinson / 3rd Long Story - 2004)


A stakeout conversation about names.

(1st. Humor Story - 2004)


This is the response to Muse Jane´s wish (see Muse For a Day).
Murphy´s law always, but always, strikes, when it
comes to camping trips. Doesn´t it?

(3rd Hutch h/c story 2007)

Parking Spaces

A drabble.

(3rd. Drabble/Double Drabble - 2004)

Stakeout Drabbles

The title about says it all.

Coming Home after the Plaque

Another old DrabWed thing. Hutch returns home.

Nancy Drabbles

Meeting Nancy/Dating Nancy.
Two old DrabWed-drabbles set shortly before "Gillian".  (Yes, THAT Nancy. ;) )

Murder Ward Drabbles

Two old DrabWed drabbles (or double-drabbles) set before and during the episode "Murder Ward".

Beautiful Thoughts

Drabble. Set after "Starsky´s Lady".

Hairy Legs on the Road

A drabble.

Camping Drabbles

"Sleepless Wilderness"& "Already Waiting".
Two camping drabbles.

Traffic Jam Drabbles

Two drabbles, two traffic jams.

The Same Feeling

Incredibly old snippet, set after "Coffin".
(Hutch pov)

Time for a little Something

This is the response to Muses Sora & Kristin´s wish
A case leads the guys to 'Disneyland'. Just some funny fluff.

Last Lines

"I think wings would suit you."
A conversation about the inevitable.

ALP - alien life plant

A response to a  'killer plants from outer space' challenge from the shfanfiction list.
Have fun!

In Too Deep

This is the response to Muse Brook´s wish
(see Muse For a Day ). The guys go
undercover with a political group, but Starsky
is made, and Hutch has to work together
with the fruitcakes in order to save both their lives as well as the mission.
(1st Second Language Story - 2005)

They Say It Doesn't Hurt

Hutch has to deal with his part in a tragic accident.
Warning: Story deals with the death of a child.
If this upsets you, please don't read.

Mushroom Cloud

 Writers are evil beings, especially when
they combine cruelty with creativity.
Starsky is about to find out,  while Hutch
must realize that demons you thought you sent away might still reach you after all...